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Welcome to Young’s Fencing, the top residential fence company serving Connecticut and New York. We provide superior fencing solutions that enhance curb appeal, security, and privacy for your home. Our locally-owned business takes pride in our workmanship and customer service. With our experienced team and high-quality materials, your fence will last for years. We offer a wide range of fencing options, including wood, vinyl, aluminum, and deer fencing, tailored to your needs. Our competitive pricing ensures affordability without compromising quality. Contact us today for a consultation. Let us enhance the value and security of your home with our fencing options.

Westchester & Fairfield Counties


A coastal town on Connecticut’s “Gold Coast,” Darien is known for its picturesque scenery, waterfront properties, and exclusive neighborhoods. We provide fencing solutions that accentuate the beauty of these homes while ensuring privacy and security. Our fencing designs complement the architectural splendor of Darien, offering an array of choices that range from classic to modern styles.

New Canaan

Renowned for its significant contribution to modern architecture, New Canaan is a town that values aesthetic appeal and innovative design. We’ve had the privilege of providing fencing solutions that match the architectural ingenuity found here, from iconic mid-century modern homes to charming New England-style houses. Our team is adept at installing fences that blend seamlessly with the landscape and the unique character of New Canaan.


Nestled in the heart of Fairfield County, Wilton is a beautiful blend of historical charm and modern suburban life. Our range of fencing options caters to a variety of needs, from securing expansive estates and farmlands to adding charm and privacy to suburban homes. We understand the importance of maintaining Wilton’s heritage, and our fencing solutions aim to enhance, rather than detract from, the town’s historical appeal.
A house with a fence and bushes.
A home with a white fence and a green lawn.


As a coastal town of Fairfield County, Westport is recognized for its rich cultural scene and beautiful seaside homes. We provide fencing services that enhance these properties’ aesthetic appeal while ensuring their security and privacy. Our fencing solutions are designed to complement Westport’s unique blend of coastal charm and sophisticated architecture, ranging from traditional to contemporary designs.


Known for its upscale homes, shopping districts, and picturesque landscapes, Greenwich is a town that cherishes its aesthetic appeal. We’ve had the privilege of installing fences that match this distinctive character, enhancing the security and privacy of both historical estates and modern homes. Our team understands the importance of maintaining Greenwich’s heritage, and our fencing solutions aim to accentuate rather than detract from the town’s distinct charm.


Weston, nestled in the heart of Fairfield County, is a quintessential New England town, renowned for its rural charm, excellent school system, and commitment to preserving its natural beauty. Our fencing services in Weston are designed to complement the town’s rustic appeal, providing security and privacy without compromising the rural aesthetics. We offer a variety of fencing solutions that seamlessly blend with Weston’s serene landscapes and country-style homes.


Easton, a pastoral jewel of Fairfield County, is characterized by its agricultural roots, charming residential areas, and vast open spaces. Our fencing services in Easton cater to a range of needs, from delineating property boundaries in sprawling farmsteads to enhancing privacy and security in residential homes. We understand the importance of preserving Easton’s rural character, and our fencing solutions are designed to uphold and enhance this, while offering the highest standards of function and durability.

A wooden gate in Connecticut with fencing.
A walkway with flowers and a white fence.


A charming town in Fairfield County, Ridgefield is famous for its historic Main Street, lively cultural scene, and beautiful homes. Our fencing services in Ridgefield are designed to enhance these properties’ aesthetics while ensuring security and privacy. From colonial style homes to modern designs, our fencing solutions are tailored to blend seamlessly with the architectural style of each property, reflecting Ridgefield’s unique blend of history and modernity.


Redding, with its rolling hills and expansive green spaces, offers a peaceful rural setting within Fairfield County. Our fencing services cater to this tranquility, providing solutions that uphold privacy, secure property, and blend with the natural landscapes. From farmsteads to residential properties, our team understands the importance of maintaining Redding’s serene, rural charm, and our fencing solutions aim to enhance this while offering robust function and durability.

North Salem

Known for its rolling hills, horse farms, and historic landmarks, North Salem offers an idyllic and tranquil rural setting in Westchester County, NY. Our fencing services in North Salem are tailored to meet the needs of these unique landscapes, from sturdy and secure fencing for equestrian properties to aesthetic and privacy-ensuring solutions for historic and residential homes. We pride ourselves on offering fencing solutions that not only meet the functional needs but also respect and enhance the natural beauty and heritage of North Salem.

South Salem

Characterized by its scenic lakes, sprawling woods, and charming residential areas, South Salem boasts a blend of rural serenity and suburban convenience. Our fencing services in South Salem are designed to cater to this unique blend. From enhancing privacy for lakeside homes to securing boundaries in wooded properties, our team understands the importance of maintaining the town’s scenic charm while providing robust, functional, and aesthetically pleasing fencing solutions.

A white truck is driving down a road next to a wooden fence in Connecticut.
beautiful white picket fence in a wooded area.


A small, tight-knit community in the town of North Salem, Purdys is a charming hamlet known for its scenic beauty and rural tranquility. Our fencing services in Purdys are designed to complement this idyllic environment, providing secure and aesthetically pleasing fencing solutions for private homes, farms, and communal areas. We pride ourselves on our ability to enhance the natural beauty of Purdys while maintaining the privacy and security that its residents cherish.

Golden's Bridge

Part of the town of Lewisboro, Goldens Bridge is a lively hamlet with a mix of residential and commercial areas. Our fencing services in Goldens Bridge cater to this varied landscape, offering robust, secure, and visually appealing fencing solutions. We understand the unique needs of this vibrant community, and our fencing options are designed to meet these needs while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the area.